Watch: That Time Kim Kardashian First Met Khloe’s Boo French Montana

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Unfortunately for Khloe Kardashian’s ex husband, her sister Kim and new man French Montana met for the first time under pretty awkward circumstances. On an episode of Keeping Up With Kardashians that airs tonight (Aug. 17), Frenchie makes his debut on the E! series as he and Khloe have a run in with Lamar Odom at the club.

The episode marks the first time Kim met her sister’s rapper-boo. After Odom is denied entry into the club, Kim and French swap their disbelief at the uncanny situation. In her one-on-one interview, Kim shares that she knew Khloe was dating French before she had even met him.

“It is so obvious that Khloe and French are dating,” she said. “They are so cute and he is so sweet with her […] I get why she’s hesitant on introducing anyone to the family, but if she’s out and about all over the world with this guy, there’s no reason she shouldn’t share it with her family.”

Watch as Khloe is thrown for a loop when her ex-husband pops up in the clip below.