#WCW: 27 Women Crushes We All Have


Wednesday has become one of the most celebrated days of the week on the Internet. Not only is it hump day (cue overly excited camel), but for anyone with a cell phone and computer, it’s a day to profess your infatuation with the beauty that is our women crushes via tweets and Instagram posts. It’s a day of opportunity for a man trying to get in good with his IG crush, or get some from his boo.

It’s also a day when girls might be more vocal about their curiosity. Most of all, it’s a time when the social media savvy unite over their shared obsession with their favorite women. Women Crush Wednesday (#WCW) is kind of like a big deal.

The tallies are in, and as you head on over to VIBE you’ll find a roundup of 27 celeb women crushes we all have