Wiz Khalifa ILL Sneakers Have Arrived


Wiz Khalifa Converse ILL sneakers

For years, Wiz Khalifa has been the unofficial poster child for the cool and classic, American lifestyle sneaker, Converse.

However, just last year the brand took notice of the rock star of a rapper’s love for their kicks and collaborated with Khalifa, allowing him to create his very own exclusive collection for Converse. This fall, Wiz is back debuting his second collection for the brand for fall 2014, the Wiz Khalifa Converse Chuck Taylor All Star ILL.

Curated with his very own Taylor Gang aesthetic in mind, these kicks are sure to fly off the shelves immediately. But what we love most is the affordability of the exclusive sneakers. At $70 a pop you can covet both colorways of black and white without breaking the bank.

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Photo Credit(s): Getty Images, Converse