Word On The Web: Rihanna Teaming With Beyoncé For ‘Blow’ Remix


As if the “Flawless” remix wasn’t enough for the Internets to handle, there’s word on the e-streets that Beyoncé and Rihanna could be joining forces on a SoundCloud near you.

Digital Spy reports that a listing on ASCAP (the performing rights database where artists and songwriters are required to register their tracks in the U.S.) shows a new rendition of “Blow” featuring both Bey and Rih. They even provide a screenshot, though Riri’s stage name is misspelled.

Now do you hear that? That’s the collective sound of the Beyhive and Navy dying while getting their lives at the mere possibility. Should the whispers be true, this would serve as the third massive remix off Mrs. Carter’s self-titled album, which plopped Kanye West on the take two of “Drunk In Love” and Minaj on “Flawless.”