Ranking The 10 Best Celebrity Shmoney Dances Of The Summer


Even though Bobby Shmurda has been doing his “Shmoney Dance” since all the way back in March when he first released the music video for his hit single, “Hot Nigga,” the now-popular dance didn’t really catch on with other people until the summertime started. But since then, everyone—from Justin Bieber to Nick Young to Rihanna—has done it. But who has done it best?

As summer 2014 comes to a close, we decided to take a look back at which celebs did the “Shmoney Dance” as well as Bobby Shmurda did it when he created it in his video. So throw your hat in the air and join us as we rank the 10 best celebrity “Shmoney Dances” of the summer.

Photo Credit: Getty Images