10 Vixen Cameos We Hope to See on Scandal


Scandal Season 4

After the season 3 finale of hit show Scandal had us on the balls of our feet begging for more, the long-awaited and highly anticipated season 4 premiere is only moments away.

Once the clock hits 9 p.m., the creative genius that is Shonda Rhimes will command everyone’s attention and by 9:01 p.m. the tweets, Instagram memes, and Facebook posts will have already flooded your timeline. But aside from your normal hoopla we’re hoping for some cool cameos to thicken the plot of the scandalous narrative TV series.

Vixens, who would you like to see Rhimes add as a guest appearance? Continue clicking to check out the 10 vixen cameos we hope to see on Scandal this season.

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Instagram