11 Things We Learned From Ab-Soul’s #CRWN Interview With Elliott Wilson


In the latest sit-down for the #CRWN interview series, OG journalist Elliott Wilson snagged Top Dawg’s underdog Ab-Soul. The self-proclaimed King of Carson is still riding high off the release of his fourth effort, These Days…, and he is prepping for his first headlining tour of the same name that will hit 43 cities and kick off later this week (Sept. 17).

As they chopped it up in a room full of snapback and bucket hat-wearing TDE Stans, we learned quite a bit about the Black Hippy rep. If you are not well versed in the likes of the Black Lip Pastor, flip through to see who he’s hunting down, why he used Black Planet as a teen and why Nas thanked him. See what we learned from the convo below and stay tuned for the full interview, unfolding in two parts on watchLOUD.com tomorrow and Friday.

He has a new alias.

Throughout his career, Ab-Soul has been known as the Black Lip Bastard, which has been traded for the Black Lip Pastor, the Top Dawg underdog and Soulo. Now, he has added YMF to his list of monikers. He can now be referred to as the Young Mind Fuck, or YMF for short. “I like taking on different characters and different roles,” he said.

Everyone knew Soul would be a star.

Ab-Soul says he has been rapping since his pre-teen years and by the time he got to high school, his talent earned him a yearbook accolade.

“I was voted most likely to become a star in high school. Carson High, ‘05,” says the 27-year-old. “If you knew me, you knew me for [rapping]. It’s not shocking to anyone who knew me.”

Twitter almost made him leak These Days…

Back in May, Soulo tweeted “I’m this close to just leakin my shit like its a mixtape….” which made fans and media alike think he was feeling frustrated and possibly experiencing the “shelf life.” Last night, he cleared things up.

“The honest reason why I did that is because it was coming to the point where I couldn’t tweet anything. Everybody was like ‘shut the fuck up! Get back in the studio!’” he laughed. “Yo where’s the album? Longterm 3 get back in the studio shut up!’ So that was like my response to that.”

The tweet stirred the pot a little, which he and TDE CEO Top Dawg liked. “That was tight. Top likes that. He likes the kind of controversy.”


Photo Credits: Ben Gabbe/Getty Images for Electus Digital