WCW: The Baddest, Ageless 40 and Over Actresses


Tracey Edmonds

We’re shouting “Heyyyyy Mrs. Parker” to the women that seem to only be pushing beauty though the years.

These baddie ageless 40 and over actresses couldn’t convince us they were their age if they showed us their birth certificate and three people to vouch for them. And if you juxtapose their pictures in the ’90s to that of 2014, we’d dare you to spot the difference. It seemed to be understood that the stress of Hollywood ages a person, but by the looks of it, that’s the wrong understanding because these ladies have yet to enter the aging process.

These beautiful women didn’t sip dainty into the fountain of youth, but guzzled its nourishments down and for the right reasons, because when you look at these ladies, the only flaw you’ll see it…none!

As we try to convince our selves in that in 1994 many of these women were strutting the red carpet as we were playing the sandbox, flip the page to see our pick of the hottest 40 and over actresses!

Tracey Edmonds

We don’t believe she’s pushing 50.

Photo Credit: Getty