5 Reasons Why Kobe Had To Work Harder Than Michael Jordan


Some things will forever discussed when it comes to Kobe Bryant. While he’s inarguably one of the best to ever to touch a basketball, twenty years from now people will still bring up the feuds with Shaq, (unfortunately) the events that took place in Colorado and most assuredly, comparisons to Michael Jordan.

Is Kobe better than MJ? No, and no one will say that is. However, not on a soul on this planet knows the two of them better Phil Jackson. The man coached his way to 11 titles between the two superstars, while getting both of them to that quintessential ‘next level’. In the not so distant past, Jackson’s said MJ was the better (natural) athlete and player, but said in a NY Post interview that Kobe trained harder than Jordan. Which makes total sense, right?

If this is still a shock to basketball sensory, don’t worry. We analyzed why The Black Mamba really had no choice but to outwork His Airness, just to become the man closest to his throne. Read our reasons by hitting the arrows above.