6 Things To Expect From Stalley’s Debut Album ‘OHIO’

No matter how old we get, some things never escape us. Turning down grandma’s cooking during the holidays is not an option, new healthy diet be dammed. Summer time is just as exciting as it was when we were fifth graders, even though we’ve all got jobs and bills now. And those inner ‘that’s my car’ thoughts creep up from your childhood when a fly whip crawls down the block, bumping a system that makes you take notice by moving everything in your house.

The feels. Oh, the feels.

If anyone can relate to the latter, it’s MMG’s Stalley. Ol’ school, candy painted cars and rap go hand in hand for the Ohio native. Driving through Massillon (OH) with his cousins and older kinfolk as a youngster is where he first got introduced to Outkast, Scarface, E-40 and other artists that would later influence his sound. So with his debut studio album OHIO set to drop late October, he invited us to a listening session in a souped-up Cadillac, in the middle of Manhattan, so all of NYC could get a glimpse of his take on hip-hop.

Scroll through using the arrows above to find out a little about what Stalley has in store for us before the album drops.