8 Athletes Who Were Accused Of Domestic Violence


It’s the morning after a tape showing full evidence of Ray Rice’s domestic abuse surfaced, but it still stings. As it should. Reactions to the video of Rice’s horrific acts have come from sportswriters, fellow NFL players and even from the White House. Rice is suspended indefinitely from the NFL and, as of yesterday, was released from the Baltimore Ravens. While Rice is the latest public case of a male athlete engaging in domestic abuse, the problem is bigger than him and despite seems to be a reoccurring, yet nearly unspoken, issue in sports.

Speculation is abound about whether NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, NFL officials or Ravens personnel saw the tape. Surely the truth behind that will surface too, but let’s keep in mind that the true problem here is the continued timeline of athletes and domestic abuse occurrences. Given the moment, we decided to share a brief history of recent events involving athletes and domestic violence.

Hopefully this isn’t something we’ll need to revisit anytime soon.