Vixen Boombox: Brian Angel ‘Hunnid Dollar Bill’ and ‘Mrs. Parker’


Day 26 is back together and closer than ever, but Brian Angel is still perfecting his craft as a solo artist. Despite the band’s tour in steady rotation, Brian found some time to release not one, but two new singles “Hunnid Dollar Bill” and “Mrs. Parker.”

“Hunnid Dollar Bill” is a sexy uptempo track featuring Fat Pimp that salutes the women that work hard to afford their lifestyle—even if the job of choice isn’t the most wholesome. “It’s yours, so you do what you want to. Regardless of what them haters say—This that motivation, middle finger to them bitches that be hatin’.”

On the next track, “Mrs. Parker,” Brian slows it down for the ladies as he sings about being stuck on his woman on the Jay Reid produced ballad.

Both tracks will be included on his debut solo album Daybreak, press play to give them a spin.