A Chick And A Dude Review Jhené Aiko’s ‘Souled Out’ LP


Jhené Aiko shares stories of love and loss on her debut album. But are both sexes welcome to the party?

Its title may play on a clever pun, but Souled Out doesn’t stray from the foundation that’s anchored Jhené Aiko’s career thus far. She’s a ganga-endorsing MILF with a cart full of emotional baggage and carry-ons. Her love stories have captivated men and women listeners alike, while her simple sexy and overall chillness has made Jhené the #WCW of both sexes.

But is her soulful debut album an equal opportunity listening experience? VIBE News Editor Adelle Platon (a chick) and Editor-At-Large John Kennedy (a dude) dissect Souled Out track-by-track to provide perspectives from each gender. Ladies first…

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