Danity Kane Releases New Single, ‘Rhythm Of Love’


Aubrey, Dawn & Shannon aren’t stressing over the rumors and gossip. The ladies of Danity Kane just released their official album cover and tracklisting for DK3. The 10 set track-list on iTunes features snippets of their latest music, and an exclusive download of their new premiere single titled “Rhythm Of Love.”

Despite the ongoing rumors of a breakup in early August, after a violent feud occurred between members Aubrey and Dawn, Aubrey posted a video to her fans on Instagram last night with Shannon and said this:

“I just want to let you guys know that I love you guys and miss you so much, and because you guys never gave up on us, Shannon and I haven’t given up on you.” Shannon also announced that per-orders of DK3 will go on sale this Friday starting at Midnight.

The album hits stores on October 28th.