First Listen: Ulterior Motive “Chapters” Ft. Meyhem Lauren And Brotherman

The dynamic DnB duo Ulterior Motive have remained at the top of our radar as evolved-junglists-to-watch since we first caught the UK pair captivating crowds at the Metalheadz label showcases during Outlook Festival last year.

Fast-forward to today. Ulterior Motive is ready to drop their debut LP, entitled, The Fourth Wall (out October 6) via Goldie’s infamous imprint, which never strays far from its wild style roots and straight up for the heads mentality. This makes Metalheadz an apt home for Ulterior Motive’s full length, which goes from mind twisting to cinematic with arrangements that expound organized chaos to jump-up proper.

With an array of chopped samples, computer triggers, and a lot of old-fashioned gusto, Ulterior Motive glisten with gut levitating; pressurizing beats that rip through the air with jagged ferocity. It is a bit of a throwback to the golden days of ‘90s rave; but its forward thinking energy will captivate any audience of today, especially if the audience has a hint of taste.

VIBE has the premiere of “Chapters” off the forthcoming LP, featuring tight versus from New York MC Meyhem Lauren as well as London rapper Brotherman.

Listen to it below:

“We made a conscious effort to seek out new unused vocalists for the album project. We really wanted to use and work with people who hadn’t worked within the drum and bass format before, it’s outside perspectives like that that bring a new twist to things. We found James Sunderland by scouring the internet and just thought he sounded amazing and wanted him on the album. Aside from vocal features we wanted to keep the album 100% our productions, we’ve done our fair share of collaborations in the past and this was about demonstrating what we are about as Ulterior Motive and we felt the only way to do that is take full control of the creative process” –Ulterior Motive