55 Lyrics You’ll Be Tweeting From Jhene Aiko’s ‘Souled Out’


Jhené Aiko is the type of artist whose songs inspire throngs of men and women to punch their mobile keypads and type out a line about heartbreak or the meaning of life. With her major-label debut, Souled Out, hitting stores on September 9 (and currently available to stream on iTunes Radio), we sifted through each song for these 55 lines every emo listener will be using as their status updates on Twitter, Facebook and beyond.

“I’m cool with nothing cause even nothing is something”

“The way you feel is not my problem.”

“Loving you was nice, but it’s a new day, a new season”

“Change is inevitable. Why hold onto what you have to let go of?”

“You always demanded things that I could not supply”

“Have you seen my fucks to give?”

“I’m not even try’n to front. At first I was just try’n to fuck”

“Love side, hate side, never in between”

“It’s cool, we ain’t gotta be nothing”

“I’m just a prisoner of your army of one”

“There’s no slowing down as the globe spins ’round”

“Nothing really isn’t. Everything really isn’t”

“You have got to lose your mind just to find your peace of mind”

“If you don’t have survival then I cannot take that ride”

“You have got to trust the signs. Everything will turn out fine”

“Life can get wild when you’re caught in the whirlwind”

“There’s really no end. There’s really no beginning”