Q&A: K. Michelle Talks ‘Love ‘Em All,’ The Truth About Idris Elba & Fake Butt Rumors


K. Michelle just strolled in high. The vibrant thang, known for her unfiltered Rebellious Soul LP and her hair-pulling scraps on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, released her new single “Love ‘Em All”—essentially a response to Chris Brown’s ho diss “Loyal“—and downed an edible (marijuana-laced snackie) before strutting into VIBE HQ. While previewing new tunes from her next LP, she discussed the roll-out plan for album no. 2, how Idris Elba is IRL and why she’s doing work on her body. —Adelle Platon (@adelleplaton) VIBE: Your new single “Love ‘Em All” boasts some interesting lyrics. K. Michelle: I wanted to do something that was just fun, you know? The men had [this song] “these bitches ain’t loyal” so I wanted to really respond to it. You just get to the point where you’re like “You know, I date” and that’s what I wanna do. Women have become so good at the games because they’ve been played so much. I just wanted to do a record that basically said what most women do but they won’t say. So this is definitely from real-life experiences? Yes, absolutely! Every song on my record is about somebody. I just did that record because I was going through it and we’re about to release a short movie to announce the album title and do something different. It’s not a visual album but I want it to be very innovative. You also recently did a musical and worked with Idris Elba, who the ladies always fawn over. What’s a surprising fact about him that you don’t think everybody else knows about Idris? He’s not this uptight, manly man. He’s really goofy and fun. I think [women] see him in an older, grown man type way. He’s really hilarious and real and he has a [youthfulness] about him. There are whispers that you also have a sitcom in the works with Jamie Foxx. [Laughs] You know, let me clear that up. I looked around everywhere and I was like “Oh, I do?” I do have a sitcom coming and I will give you guys the full details, soon. I would say it’d be like Eve, Girlfriends, that type of show. Comedy about real life that will also be challenging some difficult situations within it. Did you have a chance to catch Love & Hip-Hop Hollywood? What are your thoughts on the cast and do you think that it’s going to be as big as ATL and New York? Yeah. I think (executive producer) Mona (Scott Young) got a very interesting group of characters and it’s drama. Drama leads to work. I was able to see the first episode of Love & Hip-Hop L.A. and I was entertained, more entertained than New York. Do you have any advice for them? Just go for it man, give em hell! [laughs] You just gotta win. You know what you signed up for and don’t be surprised when what you signed up for turns out to be maybe a little bit more. Whether on-camera or in music, you keep it unfiltered, especially on social media. So please, set the record straight about these fake booty rumors. Did you really get a fat transfer? That’s so funny. People don’t understand that there’s lights, angles, different things [in the business]. [People would say] that I was “bleaching my skin,” “I was getting darker” to “Oh, your butt was this big three years ago. Now, it’s this big.” I told you what I did! Why do we keep on getting on it? So I’m very open with it because there seems to be an infatuation in our society today.

People are also coming at Nicki Minaj for the same thing. What are your thoughts on that? Do you feel people should be putting celebrities under the microscope all the time? I feel like they should let me be! We’re supposed to entertain, but my job is to entertain on the stage. When the cameras are rolling for a reality show, my job is for that but I feel like whatever someone wants to do with their bodies, it’s not for anyone to say something about. So, you know it’s one thing to say, “Oh I want a body like that. How’d you do that?” but it’s another thing to judge and say that it’s not right when you’re not in my shoes. Now what else can we expect from K. Michelle? “Love ‘Em All” is the first single off my sophomore album that people thought that I was never going to get to. I have a brand new reality show of my own airing November 3. I am producing another reality show—not in it, but you’ll be seeing that on TV. What’s it like being in the producer’s seat instead of a star this time around? Well, I’m executive-producing my show, so it’s a little bit challenging. I’m going to continue doing this because I have vision and I know what I want to say and how I want to get it across. Have you asked Mona Scott for advice? Oh we’re doing it together! I had the idea and I told her I was going to do it and she came back and said “OK! Lets do it together.” When can we look out for that? I’m going to announce everything soon. Listen to K. Michelle’s new single “Love ‘Em All” here.