LeBron James Talks NBA Racism, Ferguson & Ray Rice On CNN


LeBron James recently had an intimate sit-down with CNN’s Rachel Nichols to discuss his views on racism in the NBA, as well as the Ray Rice controversy and being a family man. With Donald Sterling and Bruce Levenson’s racist comments grabbing headlines this year, the returning Cavaliers star shared his own zero-tolerance views on racism.

“There’s no room for that in our sport. We all know that, obviously,” he said. “There’s not no room for that in our league, or any league. Or not even a league, there’s no room for that in society.”

Turning the conversation over to the killing of Mike Brown in Ferguson, MO, James reflected on being a parent and the thought of his sons suffering the same fate.

“Having two boys of my own, if just one day my kids left home to go anywhere, you expect your kids to return. You expect your kids to return home, unless they’re off to college,” James said. “I couldn’t imagine them not returning home just because someone else is not thinking, or a cowardice act, or whatever the case may be.”

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While on the subject of parenting, the two-time NBA Champion shared with Nichols the discussion he had with his boys following the Ray Rice scandal, another instance in which he expressed a zero-tolerance policy.

“I left it just as simple as this: never put your hand on a woman. Never put your hand on your classmate that’s a female. It’s not allowed, it’s not condoned in this house, and it shouldn’t be condoned in this world. And your dad would never put his hand on your mother,” he told Nichols. “When I was born, that was like a rule that was written on my bib from day one. It’s not something that anyone should condone and it’s a cowardly act.”

Watch LeBron James’ interview with Rachel Nichols for CNN in the video above.