Nas Re-launches HISTRY Clothing Line


Nas–or better yet–The God Emcee, is set to relaunch his clothing line HISTRY. The first go ’round with HISTRY took place in 2013 via a collaboration with New York style arbiter, Grungy Gentleman.

Now, as the brand launches its solo collection, fans can expect to get a clothing line that blends both Nas’ personal style and love for his Queenbridge roots. The 25-piece collection will contain premium printed tees, cut-and-sew sweats, buckets hats, luxury leather jackets and accessories, but is only the beginning of what HISTRY has to offer.

The streetwear brand isn’t just reflecting the threads that are already being worn, HISTRY will combine classic nostalgia from hip-hop’s golden years in the 80s and 90s with Nas’ own personal touch.

If you have a few extra coins, shop the HISTRY 2014 lookbook.

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