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Review: 15 Thoughts On Jeezy’s ‘Seen It All: The Autobiography’ LP

Jeezy’s advertises his latest album Seen It All: The Autobiography as the most honest and revealing of his career. But how does it stack up against the rest of his catalog? After a few playbacks, here are a few musings on The Snowman’s new LP

1. What one needs, expects and wants from a Young Jeezy project should be at least three undeniable, attention-hogging bangers that begged to be blasted at stoplights. No need to search for nuance or lyrical acrobatics and a broad palette of flows. Thugs need to be motivated by heat. And on that count, Jay Wayne Jenkins’s seventh solo studio LP delivers. “Me OK,” “Seen It All,” and “What You Say” can keep company with past sure shots like “My President,” “My Hood,” “Lose My Mind” and “Put On.”

2. The MC chose a good time to smartly drop the “Young” prefix from his handle. Jeezy turns 37 years old later this month, he spent the summer rocking stages with a guy 10 years his younger in Wiz Khalifa, and the reflective Seen It All marks his most mature effort to date.

3. Refreshing to hear Baton Rouge’s Lil Boosie on wax again. After getting out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary earlier this year—he’d been serving time since 2009 on drug charges—he addresses his stint on “Beez Like”: “Mama cryin’ in my visit ’cause she care for me/ Daughter just had her period, I ain’t there for her.”

4. The friction between Jeezy and Rick Ross takes another step towards becoming a distant memory as the two Def Jam acts follow-up their “War Ready” collabo from Ross’s Mastermind with the materialistic “Beautiful” (also featuring Game). “War Ready” is better.

5. Jay Z was quoted as saying his eyes teared up when penning his guest drop on the title track — and the LP’s best song. Cardo produces a gem here that ranks among Jeezy’s best contributions to hip-hop. The two former drug dealers dish out real-life Pyrex memories from their shady pasts.

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