22 Stars We’d Be Most Shocked if Their Nudes Leaked



No one is safe these days. As long as there’s icloud, hacker, and people that love to sext, there will always be a hacking scandal. The most recent victims took these now public pictures for the private pleasures of their significant other and had no intentions on leaking them to boost their career.

However the fact that there are images in this capacity to exist from these stars aren’t too surprising. These celebs are all adults, many in relationships, and based on movie roles and past actions, it didn’t seem to far fetched. But a select few flicks that popped up shocked us to know they sext (like most of us do).

But there are a few celebs that we would be shocked if their Full Monty found its way on the internet. Either because they are America’s sweetheart (or guy) or because they avoid scandals at all cost—i.e. Beyonce. Flip the page too see which stars you’d be most surprise to see caught in this nude photos leakage.


If Beyonce even got wind that her name was mixed in this nude photos scandal she would have the internet shut down immediately.