Vixen Verified: #1000Bottles Lives Up to Its Name

#1000Bottles: A+

Historically, Howard Homecoming attendees make sure to flock to the nation’s capital on Friday, not Saturday, to make it to Yardfest. Now that the legendary daytime concert is under scrutiny, last Friday’s most important event (besides the inaugural MeccaFest Arts & Culture Festival) was #1000Bottles, thrown by BE & The Gifted Life.

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The hardly sober affair—which is a smooth hybrid of class and unfiltered turn up—took place in Northwest Washington, D.C.’s stylish Howard Theatre and did not disappoint. DJ Chubb E. Swagg kept the party on 100 while the drinks kept flowing like water at the bar. There were no altercations and no hold ups, just good looking people having a great time before heading back to work (possibly with a headache) the next Monday.

Although our memory is a little hazy, which is a telltale sign of a top quality party, the standout moment of the evening was when the young man of the moment, Bobby Shmurda, capped off the night with his blowout hit, “Hot N*gga.” Everyone from the stage to the tables at the top of the balcony went apeshit and Shmoney Danced in unity.

Yup, this year’s #1000Bottles was one for the books.

Photo Credit: Rhea Whitney Photography

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