13 Celebrity Couples That Should Have A Reality TV Show

Diddy and Cassie

Seemingly everyone is being offered a reality TV show nowadays.

Want to remain relevant? Perhaps revive your career by promoting your professional endeavors? No problem, VH1, MTV, E! and a gang of other channels have got you covered..

But as imagined, when it comes to reality TV there’s levels to this shit. Producers don’t just want one star, they want two. Preferably a popping Hollywood couple that doesn’t mind conjuring up a messy storyline boosted ratings. But then again, there are some couples who have managed to use reality TV to their advantage, making it through it’s curse of divorce or break up and a lack of sanity by the time it’s finale hits the air.

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While couple reality TV shows can be an absolute buzz kill, there’s still hope as it feeds our needs for drama, comedy, and love. Honestly, who doesn’t love a good episode of Chrissy & Mr. Jones or Giuliana and Bill? All hope isn’t lost for true love when it comes to reality TV and we’re definitely not in short supply of entertainment-purposes-only couples (but we won’t shade anyone on this glorious Sunday).

Vixens, check out some celebrity couples we think should have their own reality TV show.

Photo Credit: Instagram, Getty Images