Vixen Vent: 15 Celeb Chefs Steve Harvey Should’ve Hired Over Paula Deen

Steve Harvey made a major party foul. The talk show host has invited Paula Deen to teach his African American mentees culinary arts.

In a teaser for his show he announces, “[She] agreed to take as many boys as I want to fly down to Savannah, and teach them culinary skills. That, to me, is how you get something from something.”

We appreciate his gesture but hate his approach. We can try to forget that fact that she “allegedly” told racist jokes, used the n-word regularly, and planned a southern plantation-styled wedding and the “black men [were] to play the role of slaves at a wedding” we can’t however get over the fact that she’s a white chef teaching black children.

Not to get too political but what message are you sending to these many black young men when they are being taught by a women that is white? Wouldn’t a better message go through successful male celeb chefs? We love the fact that Steve is helping the younger generation avoid becoming a statistic in America (i.e. Michael Brown) by giving them a mentoring program. However aren’t you still sending the message that the only success stories we have in this field come from a racist white women if you have her heading the program, instead of giving the job to someone that looks like their future.

Representation matters.

I know if I wanted to aspire to be a dancer at American Ballet Theatre, I would want Misty Copeland heading my camp rather than a white male dancer. While it is the lessons we need to learn it is also the message we are sending.

But maybe Mr. Harvey reached out to all the up-and-coming chefs and none were available. Or, maybe he didn’t know there were any black chefs because there aren’t any that headline their own series nor does Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen consist of any black contestants. Yup, that has to be the reason behind why Steve Harvey would choose Paula Deen, the world’s worst apologetic celebrity over a qualified personnel.

However we’re going to help Steve out. We decided to find celeb chefs that know a thing or two around the kitchen and can do the same job Ms. Deen is doing, but probably with a better approach.