17-Year-Old Instagram Photographer Shocks The World

As you know, Instagram has become one of the biggest social media outlets of the century. Besides selfies, photographers are now able to shed light on their work and share it with the world. However, nothing beats 17-year-old Humza Deas who climbs on top of construction sites, bridges, and skycrapers to capture the most incredible views of New York City. The photography world is still trying to figure out the tactics he uses the highest buildings in hopes of a record-breaking photo.

At a striking number of 71,000 + followers on Instagram, Deas is now selling his most popular prints to the public. At 17-years- old the “Instagram Bandit of New York City” has been featured on Business Insider, NY mag, The Daily Mail and more… Take a look at the images that skyrocketed this teen’s career!

Only twenty-five prints of each of the four photographs are available for purchase!

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