4-Year-Old Mistakes Heroin For Candy, Distributes Packet At School


A 4-year-old mistook packets of Heroin for candy and passed them out to classmates, Delaware State Police said.

According to DelawareOnline.com, the little girl handed out almost four grams of the illegal substance to her classmates at Beginner’s Choice Daycare. An employee then took the bags of Heroin from the students and brought it to the police department.

One of the officers recognized the substance and did a field test confirming it was Heroin. The 4-year-old’s mother, 30 year old Ashley Tull was charged with three counts of child endangerment and maintaining a drug property. Tull was released on $6,000 bail and ordered to not have any contact with her daughter and two other children.

Police say Tull switched her daughter’s backpack for the one containing the heroin because the original had been destroyed by a family pet. The children at the Daycare center were taken to the hospital for precaution, but none digested the drug.

Photo Credit: Delaware State Police

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