5 Reasons Why We Love A$AP Rocky’s ‘Multiply’

Being a true individual is one of the reasons that New York native A$AP Rocky stands out among many of his hip-hop contemporaries. Uptown residents have a reputation of wanting to be the main attraction — all the time. And, we love.

Here are the five biggest reasons we love Pretty Flacko’s new song and video “Multiply.”

1. He’s still infatuated with the ’90s (our favorite era, too)
When A$AP Rocky first appeared on the scene, it was obvious he was inspired by the ’90s. In the video, Rocky dons an oversized Avirex jacket. The flight coat was made popular by rappers like Nas, Raekwon, and the Notorious B.I.G., to name a few, during their young, fly and flashy days.

2. He samples Three 6 Mafia’s “Stay Fly.”
Listen to the Three 6 Mafia “Stay High” sample below. Also, Juicy J is featured on “Multiply.”

3. He’s not into throwing shots, but MFs better give him his props.
The fashionable killa calls out clothing brands Been Trill and HBA. He raps: “I ain’t really fucking with that Been Trill” and “HBA shit is weak, you can keep that.”

4. He doesn’t care who gets offended.
Not everyone agrees with the new New York rappers wearing skinny pants. However, the pretty boy will still “slap the shit out of a n**** in his skinny pants.” Regardless of what one thinks about rappers rocking skinny jeans, Flacko has had a big impact on hip-hop culture.

5. He’s still New York to the death.
Despite his love for southern hip-hop, Rocky is still New York. The visuals paints New York City in its rawest form. Peep the murky subway shots and New Yorkers using city equipment to get brolic, also seen in Biggie’s “Juicy” video.