5 Ways NBA 2K15 Could Reach New Heights With MyPlayer

Girlfriend’s everywhere should be on high alert. In case you forgot, today’s a national holiday for men: NBA2K Day. That’s right, the basketball game with the illest detailing, gameplay and features is back staring LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Chris Paul and a (hopefully) healthy Kobe Bryant. One of the most beloved elements of the game is MyPlayer mode and this year, the makers of NBA 2k brought it to another level.

Not only is there a totally different story line in MyCareer mode, where your character has to earn his spot in the NBA through 10-day contracts after going undrafted, but XBox One and PS4 users can even scan their actual faces into the game. After years of creating the closest likeness you can in video games, now you can play out your dream of killing on an NBA court.

This made us wonder what other modifications 2K could do to make an already incredible idea even better? Hit the arrows above to find out.