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6 Songs You Need To Hear (And 2 To Skip) From Childish Gambino’s ‘STN MTN/Kauai’

Earlier this month, Childish Gambino released his latest project, a mixtape/EP called STN MTN/Kauai, in an unconventional way. First, he dropped STN MTN—a Gangsta Grillz mixtape—that featured him rapping over a bunch of popular Atlanta-based beats and paying homage to the city. And then, a short time later, he released Kauai—a seven-track EP available through iTunes—that featured him rapping over original beats. It provided his fans with a bunch of new Gambino material to sift through.

Which songs stood out from the pack, though? Both the mixtape and the EP are worth a listen, because they provide a glimpse into two different sides of Gambino’s artistry. To help you sort through the project, here are 6 tracks from Childish Gambino’s STN MTN/Kauai that you need to hear, plus 2 songs you can skip. Enjoy. —Chris Yuscavage

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