7 Reasons Jaden Smith Should Drop A Rap Album

When you close your eyes and think “best rapper alive,” Jaden Smith’s mug probably isn’t the image that enters your mind’s eye. Hell, when you think “best rapper in Jaden Smith’s family,” you probably don’t think Jaden. But last Friday, Will Smith’s son took to Twitter to put the rap game on notice and to make everyone aware of the fact that he has several albums worth of music recorded. “Dear Everybody Who Can Rap Better Than Me. Please Show Me,” he wrote. “Cause I got 2 or 3 Albums In Stock Ready.”

Smith’s tweets sounded like a threat, almost like he was saying, “Don’t make me put these raps out, struggle rappers!” But the truth is, after hearing some of his recent output, we wouldn’t mind him putting out a solo project sometime in the near future. Like, at all. Here are the seven reasons a Jaden Smith album might not be the worst idea. —Chris Yuscavage

Photo Credit: Getty Images