Ab-Soul Says Kendrick Lamar Is ‘Taking Responsibility’ on ‘i’

Ab-Soul recently sat down with Montreality to chat on a skew of topics from his guilty pleasures, to his fondest TDE memories, to his friendship with Joey Bada$$. The “Black Lip Pastor” also discussed Kendrick Lamar’s latest single, “i.”

Stating that the song inadvertently summed up his These Days… project, Ab-Soul credited his labelmate’s euphoric proclamation of self-love for using influence to send a message:

“Aside from that it’s probably like the most positive song that I’ve heard in a long time. Self-empowering. ‘Cause you gotta think, when you’re an artist and you’re performing and you’re saying these words – he’s saying ‘I love myself,’ right? So, if you know the words, you’re gonna say ‘I love myself’ too. So, he’s like making you love yourself. You get that, just on the surface level. The song is ‘I love myself.’ So if you’re gonna go to his show and sing along with him, you’re gonna be telling yourself that you love yourself. That’s when you’re taking responsibility for what you’re saying. You got kids listening. It’s people that’s going through things that’s listening. You can use these words to lift ‘em up.”

Ab-Soul also chatted about the first time he cut his hair, the most romantic thing he’s ever done and learning how to swim. Watch the wonderfully random interview with Montreality in the video above.