Vixen Boombox: Jamie Foxx ‘Ain’t My Fault’

First it was the Grey Goose and the Patron, now he’s blaming it on a staple item for women – a little black dress. Jamie Foxx releases a second single for what we’re unsure is a new album, aptly titled, “Ain’t My Fault.”

The “Party Ain’t A Party” singer shifts directions and slows it down, telling us about a woman who knew what she was doing wearing a certain black dress to the club. Mr. Foxx starts to have dirty thoughts, evident in the words in the new track, singing,

Meet me in the bathroom stall / Slide ‘em to the side, don’t take them all the way off.

Whoa there, Jamie. With cuffin’ season before us, the release of the track comes right on time. Not sure on how we feel about the new track yet but you can take a listen and judge for yourself below.

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