Interview: Alicia Keys on Pregnant Nudes and Says New Album Is ‘Aggressive’

Alicia Keys

Where did the idea to release a nude pregnant photo with the peace sign on your belly come from?
Well, the song “We Are Here” started from this question that I was asked in a group of friends. They asked me, Why are you here? And I thought that was such a deep question because I’ve never been directly asked that before. It started to make me think. This created the song with the backdrop of everything that’s going on in the world. So much tragedy and violence. That’s been affecting us all and definitely affecting me, so that all came together to the song We Are Here. I believe the answer is, we are here for all of us.

I would sit with my friends and be like, If we’re unhappy with the things that we see, what do we do? We got hundreds of thousands of people marching in the street, but what is that going to do? Almost like this feeling that we can’t change things. We have a right to feel like that because for many years, I think we feel like you don’t see a lot of progress. But we definitely have the power to create progress. That was where this idea came from to start what we’re now calling the We Are Here Movement, about gathering as many voices as we can to sign up. All of our voices put together definitely makes a lot of noise and that noise does evoke change. Maybe we do rallies, maybe we’re signing petitions, maybe we need 300,000 signatures to get in front of this Congressperson, to get in front of Senate, so we can start to reform different policies or laws. I wanted there to be a space where we could use our collective voice for change.

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