Amanda Bynes Allegedly Caught Stealing Inside Of Barneys

Maybe Amanda Bynes should find a park bench, or church pew so she can have several seats, because it seems like every time you hear about the actress, she’s causing controversy.

According to reports, Bynes was shopping in trendy New York store Barneys on Madison Avenue and allegedly tried to leave the store without paying for a $200 hat. Security caught the 28-year-old actress outside and brought her back in where sources say she claimed fans were chasing her inside the store.

The police were called but eventually let her go. However, Bynes than later changes her tune and said that she wasn’t shoplifting, she just forgot her purse. Bynes–who also recently got engaged to a 19 year old–says she left her purse in the car and her driver was no where to be found.

Okay, Amanda. Whatever you say.