Amanda Bynes Wants Compensation For The Microchip In Her Brain

Amanda Bynes is back to making headlines again. This time, the former child star sat down with In Touch Weekly last Sunday (Oct. 5) for an eyebrow-raising chat about how she should be benefitting from human tracking devices. According to In Touch, Bynes believes she has a microchip in her head and people are tapping into her thoughts. Naturally, that comes at a cost. “I want a dollar a day from every person who [is] reading my mind,” she told the reporter.

Aside from demanding her due compensation, she also complained about her “hideous” looks, needing plastic surgery and preferring to be in jail than living with her parents. Recently, she (bizarrely) announced that she was engaged to be married to someone nine years her junior. She also was allegedly caught stealing inside Barney’s, but she claims to have just forgotten her purse.

We still have hope that Amanda will get the help she needs and avoid what could become a downwards spiral.

Photo Credit: Getty Images