Amar’e Stoudemire Takes Red Wine Bath…No, Seriously It’s A Tub Full Of Wine


Recovery Day! Red Wine Bath !! #Kinging #Blessed #Hebrews Getting ready for the eighth day feast.

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Amar’e Stoudemire has no respect for brunch. Like none. After practice with his fellow New York Knickerbockers, the 6’11 power forward relaxes his muscles in the finest of crushed grapes. That’s right, he bathes in red wine. The red wine bath is very important to me because it allows me to create more circulation in my red blood cells,” Stoudemire said to ESPN after completing a three-hour practice with the Knicks on Thursday. “Plus, it’s very hot, so it’s like a hot tub. But it’s also the red wine … just kind of soothes the body.” I personally am vex that Amar’e is wasting all that precious, amazing red wine and countless glasses of Sangria to “soothe” his body. #sideeye