Andre 3000 Says His Guitar Skills Aren’t Ready To Perform Jimi Hendrix Material

As OutKast continues, their reunion tour with stops in Las Vegas (the Life is Beautiful Festival: October 25 and 26) and New Orleans (Voodoo Music Festival: October 31 to November 02) on the way, fans of celebrated hip-hop duo Big Boi and André 3000 should expect some surprises. But the Atlanta rhyme legends—who have brought out everyone from Janelle Monae and Erykah Badu to Future during their comeback gigs—will be steering clear of a certain larger-than-life rock icon.
To be more specific, 3000, who can currently be seen on the big screen as peerless guitar god Jimi Hendrix in the independent film All is By My Side, will not be approaching any of the ultimate ax man’s catalogue onstage. “I can’t say that I would ever do any Hendrix onstage,” Three Stacks tells VIBE. “I wouldn’t want to mess up any of his music. If you are going to do Hendrix onstage it’s not just about singing.”

Indeed, an underrated songwriter, the primary magic of Hendrix was fueled by his transformative, game-changing guitar innovations. And while André 3000 has played some guitar on record, he knows his limitations.
“If I perform Hendrix songs onstage I would have to play guitar,” he says. “Just going out there and singing lyrics is not cool. So I’ll probably leave playing Hendrix songs onstage alone.”

As for OutKast’s loyal followers, who have let their disappointment be known of the group’s impending retirement following their much-welcomed tour, 3000 says that it’s time for a new generation to get some shine. “My thing is make way for a new artist,” he says. “I’m always about the new. I’m listening to everybody. And my kid keeps me fresh on what’s happening, too.”—Keith Murphy (@murphdogg29)