Allow Lil’ Wayne To Help Ease The Wait For ‘Tha Carter V’ With This PSA

Lil’ Wayne finally fessed up to the real reason he had to push back Tha Carter V, again:

“I just been skating too goddamn much. I just been skating too much and I just totally forgot about motherfuckin’ recording,” he said in his latest YouTube PSA.

But he was just joking. In fact, the reason why Weezy fans will have to wait a little over a month (it was supposed to drop yesterday) for the rapper’s eleventh album is the exact opposite: Wayne has been “working too hard.” Upon revealing a tentative 31-song tracklist for the album, the Young Money boss said that the pushback was a way to release more than just a 12 or 13 track offering.

“This album mean a whole lot to me, and I know the real fans out there, it means a whole lot to them too,” he explained. “I kind of refuse to cheat them. I refuse to cheat them and just give them anything.”

Along with releasing his new single “Gotti,” Wayne helped ease the wait on his fifth Tha Carter installment with the news that the album will be released in two parts, the first of which will hit stores on Dec. 9.

“We had to come up with a way to give these people every song that I’ve been here recording,” he said. “And so, we came up with that idea. So the first part of the album will be dropping December 9th.”

Wayne also made a point to say that you will love this album, or else.

“If you fuckin’ don’t love it, then you don’t fuckin’ love love.”

Watch Lil’ Wayne’s Carter V PSA above.