Bad Chick Alert: Mila J Looks White Hot At Her EP Viewing Party

Mila J took the long route to Hitsville. Wearing all-white—baggy jersey, mesh jogging pants—and showing off her ripped abs with Farah Faucet bangs, the LA bombshell is deservingly taking a breath at her current position. With a number one R&B album on iTunes, and the entire Landmark theatre chanting her name, Mila took the microphone and thanked everyone responsible for her second chance, including family, Motown and her glam squad team.

Sharing five visuals from her new EP M.I.L.A. (Made In Los Angeles), the dance fanatic also debuted behind the scenes footage of her preparing in the studio and dance room for each video. While the Motown cache isn’t what it was she understands the legacy and wants to be part of the label’s new history.