Vixen Vent: Why I Don’t Want to Hear About Beyonce and Feminism

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The legions of think pieces twenty-four hours after Beyoncé’s Video Vanguard Award performance at the 2014 MTV VMA awards were astronomical. Sure most of the commentary focused on “black love” thanks to the Carter’s embrace or on how the best living entertainer not one has one of the dopest discographies, but that she dared to perform her entire album in a 15-minute set and in heels. What stood out the most that night however, was a Black woman standing confidently in front of 12-foot letters that read, feminist.

Yes, that happened. Yes, that moment mattered most.

She did it and did it boldly after Bell Hooks called her anti-feminist and added the word terrorist to the list of names the world calls Bey. She did after she included a TED talk clip of Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s discussion on feminism, in a two-part track that previously suggested, bitches bow down. Beyonce fearlessly did it after previous think pieces on feminism and deciding to name her tour, The Mrs. Carter Show. She stood there for a matter of seconds, engraving a memory that most of us, apart of the Hive or not, will remember forever.

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Some of those think pieces ripped Yoncé apart, while others supported her notion that she truly is, a “modern day feminist,” and while the conversation on what makes and who is a feminist continues on social media, it definitely introduces the concept and narrative of feminism to young girls and introduces others to the world of “Black feminism.”

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