Here’s What Beyonce Does With Coach Handbags, According To Fan Fiction

It is a known fact that Beyonce can do no wrong in her Beyhive’s eyes – yes, even those bangs are being praised by her die-hards. But one Twitter user has taken the supreme power of Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter to a hilarious level. In the form of hyperbolic fan fiction, @BEYONCEFANFIC hails the Queen Bey with 140-character tidbits on her “everyday life.” Because, well, she’s Beyonce. Here’s what we have learned: Even Mrs. Carter makes efforts to stay eco-friendly:

Queen Bey is above injuries of all kinds.

Beyonce is unforgiving to insubordinate elements.

Beyonce doesn’t play games, she transforms them.

Beyonce’s stance on toilet paper: “For what?”

If you are the lucky owner of a Beyonce autograph, recognize its power.

Beyonce had in iPhone 6 Plus. She just didn’t need it.

Beyonce can do all things through… Beyonce, who strengthens herself.