Au Revoir New York: Are Beyonce And Jay Z Moving To Paris?


Must be nice!

After wrapping up their successful “On The Run Tour” Beyonce and Jay Z have been doing some well deserved vacationing in La Ville-Lumière (that’s French for the “City of Lights”)

The couple was spotted with their daughter looking for homes with realtors in Paris Thursday (Oct. 2) Moving to France may not be such a bad idea. Close friend Kanye West and his fashionable family have already taken up residence in the romantic city, and Paris holds a special place in the Carter’s hearts. Jay Z proposed to Bey in Paris and it’s where little baby blue was conceived (TMI, maybe?)

Either way, good looks. You two continue house hunting in Paris. I’ll just be over here, you know singing in the backgrounnnnnd! (Gina from Martin voice)