5 Things We Noticed About Big Sean’s ‘Paradise’ Video

Big Sean might think he knows how to take his girl to paradise but somewhere along the way their signals got crossed in his new video, “Paradise.”

After pulling up to a seedy “no-tell motel” with his lady for the night — his date couldn’t be more disappointed. As Sean gets what he wants, things don’t seem to go so well for her.

Watch what happens in the Mike Carson-directed flick and check out these 5 observations.

1. Sean’s date looks annoyed from the moment the video starts (and Sean doesn’t seem to care)

2. Mike WiLL Made It greets the couple at check-in (he produced the song).

3. The storyline makes us believe Sean put it down in the bedroom (but why she still mad)

4. Is the motel haunted (That would explain the dark imagery and creepy crows)?

5. Sean seems to disappear and leave his girl hanging (where did he go??)