Photo of the Day: The Blue Ivy Carter Show

Blue Ivy Carter

Despite Blue Ivy Carter having a net worth greater than many of us combined, she’s still a child living in her own fantasy world.

Remember the days of dress up and kid games, well all the money in the world doesn’t matter as Beyonce’s first born loves the simplicities of life (granted those simple things probably come at a great price like her 4×4 wheeler).

Now that Blue’s their only stage, Jay Z and Bey are showing her they are her biggest fan. Yoncé uploaded pictures of some Carter family time and her greatest gift stole our hearts.  In a few flicks Blue plays dress up with glow in the dark jewels, drives her 4X4 in the grass with Papa Carter, and tries to see who can swing higher, her or Mama B.

We don’t know if we can take anymore of the cuteness Blue Ivy Carter is giving us. Flip the page to see more of their Blue-time.

Photo Credit: Tumblr