Bobby Shmurda Reveals EP Cover Art And Release Date

Bobby Shmurda isn’t being written off as a one-hit wonder. Already, the young Brooklyn rapper has the street buzzing again with his follow up single, “Bobby Bitch,” has plans for a new EP release next month.

Epic will be releasing Shmurda’s 5-track project will include his summer smash, “Hot Ni**a” — as well as his GS-9 crew.

Pre-order on iTunes and check out the tracklisting below.

Bobby Shmurda – Shmurda She Wrote EP (Tracklisting):

1. “Worldwide N*gga” (Feat. Ty Real)
2. “Hot N*gga”
3. “Bobby Bitch”
4. “Living Life” (Feat. Rowdy Rebel)
5. “Wipe the Case” Away (Feat. Ty Real)