Here’s A ‘Shmoney Dance’ Tutorial From Bobby Shmurda Himself

Staple Design founder Jeff Staple recently caught up with everyone’s favorite “Hot Nigga” Bobby Shmurda for a sit-down about his seemingly overnight success. Backtracking to his earlier rhymes, Shmurda shared that his first song was over a Lil’ Tunechi beat.

“We got a beat, I think it was Lil’ Wayne ‘Leather So Soft.,’” he said. “We took the beat and we started riding to it. Threw the song out in the neighborhood, and everybody started going crazy.”

But it wasn’t until a song of his became an Internet sensation that Bobby Shmurda decided to take the hip-hop game seriously. He revealed to Staple that rapping was just a hobby in between running the streets of Brooklyn.

“Recently, I wanted to be a rapper,” he said. “I ain’t never wanna be a rapper, I was just doing it for fun. Then when it started getting me big, I was like ‘Yeah, this is what I wanna do.’”

After revealing that he has a girlfriend (sorry, ladies), Bobby Shmurda ended his chat with Jeff Staple with a tutorial on his Shmoney Dance craze. Press play below to make sure yours is on point.

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