Bun B Shows Off His Pearly Whites In New Rembrandt Toothpaste Commercial

Respect to the Trill O.G.

Bun B diversified his portfolio by starring in a toothpaste ad for Rembrandt. Starring alongside Marvel comics editor Sana Amanat and Top Chef winner Kristen Kish, all three begin the whitening toothpaste commercial like traditional commercials.

Thirty seconds in, they ditch the redundancy and explain individually what makes them shine. Bun, shows off his great teeth and explains he’s proud of his grill because most of his peers, their teeth are golden.

He later closes by saying “I think my smile is unique and intoxicating.”

Listen, Bun B is not paying none of y’all any attention. If he can two-step with Solo, he can star in dope toothpaste commercial.