Can Luke James Please Serenade Us Like He Did This Lucky Bride And Groom?

Alright, if the chances of Beyonce walking into a wedding and Kanye crashing a bachelorette party are slim but possible, can we put in a request for Luke James to casually show up at our reception?

For one lucky bride, that wish came true. To the blushing bride’s surprise, right as she was about to dance solo with her new husband, James slyly emerged from the crowd with a mic in hand. He soulfully serenaded the newlyweds with “I Want You,” which might have been the bride’s favorite song based on her reaction.

There aren’t much details on exactly who the couple is, but we do know that the groom is one of Beyonce’s security guards. Nice to know the On The Run Tour family is still pretty tight. Watch the sick performance up top.

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