Cassie Has a Busted Lip After Getting in a Fight With Her ATV


Cassie had maybe too much fun vacationing in Dubai.

Diddy’s girl caused her fans to worry after posting a picture of her hosting a busted lip on her face and bandaid on her forehead. She uploaded the wounded image to her Instagram with the caption, “New #raybans on my way home #toomuchfun #Dubai.”

From first glance it appears someone put their hands on the model, but that’s far from the case. Yesterday (Oct 29) while in Dubai the shaved-head beauty’s ATV experience took a turn for the worse when she was involved in an accident while riding through the sand dunes.

The only real casualty of the four-wheeler mishap was her shattered ray bans, so it’s understandable that she was still all smiles even with her tattered lip. However don’t hold your breathe wondering if she’ll brush herself off and try again. She uploaded a picture of her ruined sunglasses with the caption, “Never again, because I love my mommy.”

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