Photo of the Day: Tyson Beckford is #FeelingNuts so he Grabs His Junk

Tyson Beckford #FeelingNuts

The new way to raise awareness is through social media. Following the success of the ALS ice bucket challenge, comes #FeelingNuts. Started by the U.K.’s Check One Two, men are encouraged to grab their meat to help raise awareness for testicular cancer.

A much easier challenge from dosing yourself in ice water, many male celebrities are getting a handful of their junk to get the conversation started. And honestly what better way to talk about testicular cancer than nut grabbing (looks up at Tyson Beckford’s bite lip and hands on junk).

According to the American Cancer Society, this particular cancer mainly affects young men and the average age of diagnosis is 33. However if detected early, males can avoid the unfortunate circumstances from occurring. Unlike the ALS ice game the only follow-up from doing this challenge is learning how to perform a testicular self-exam.

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Tyson Beckford

All Photos: Instagram